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Stamp’s Interior Finishes

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Stamp’s Interior Finishes
Stamp’s Interior Finishes
Happy Easter Everyone!!

Hope you are all safe and well and looking forward to a better summer than last year!

I have kitchen overload so far this year, this is another Wickes Sofia finished in Pewter Grey Gloss with a Surestone Granite worktop.

The old kitchen units were from Howdens and unfortunately were poorly fitted and therefore were looking very tired after only 10yrs of use.

A lot of work has gone into hiding pipe work and plumbing to make the finished result look even more stunning.

Stamp’s Interior Finishes
Stamp’s Interior Finishes
Here is the latest kitchen project that’s just been finished.

My first time fitting a Wren supplied kitchen, this is the J Pull Range finished in Pebble Gloss with a Super Silk Night worktop and upstands.

Starting with a freshly plastered room, the walls and ceiling were mist coated and painted.
Then the remains of a tiled floor was removed to expose the original floorboards and make sure everything was secure and level for the new oak wood flooring to be laid.

Once the flooring was down the cabinets could begin to be brought in and put into position, all of the existing plumbing has been moved and rerouted so it can all be hidden from sight once finished. The worktop could then be cut to size and the sink could be connected.

The left row of cabinets were then fitted which included the built under fridge, oven and induction hob.

Then it was onto the wall units beginning with a bespoke built boiler cupboard to allow correct ventilation. Once the height of that was finalised the other wall units could be hung at a height to match with one of them housing a microwave oven.
Then the extractor was hung and connected and a custom panel made from remaining kitchen panels to hide the remaining pipework below the boiler.
Finally a UPVC windowsill was cut to size and the glass splash back behind the hob also fitted.

The electrician had fitted odd non matching wall sockets so these were changed so that they were all the same.

A final coat of paint and finishing touches and another happy customer that I will return to later in the year to continue the flooring into the hallway and build some understairs storage.

Incidentally, there was a couple of items that were damaged and we spent hours trying to get through by telephone with no luck.
The damage was reported via the Wren website and was the sorted within a day or two with no questions or issues at all.
Stamp’s Interior Finishes
Stamp’s Interior Finishes
This customer had already had someone that had painted her original kitchen cabinet doors white but it still needed a lot of work to get it looking new again.

The old tiles were removed first and then the old brown worktops taken off and a pair of marble effect laminate worktops cut to size and fitted with the existing hob and brand new double bowl sink and tap.

Then the walls were made good in preparation for the new white tiles.

A birds nest of dodgy wiring found hidden behind the cooker has made safe by re-wiring in new boxed and routing cables where they can’t cause any issues.

Also a light switch that was previously tiled over has been moved to it’s correct position and a new extractor fan fitted.

All tiling done and the ceiling repainted as well as re-fixing the lights.
Walls finished in B&Q’s own brand ‘Whisper”.

It’s really hard to see in the finished pictures but it’s sooo much brighter now!!

Stamp’s Interior Finishes
Stamp’s Interior Finishes
Here is a en-suite project that was finished towards the end of last year.

The old room was in good condition but looking dated and in need of refreshment.

Removing the old tiles and making good, concealing all plumbing to compliment the new vanity unit and plastering and painting ready for the new tiled flooring and walls.

New lighting in the ceiling as well as wall lighting looks amazing and fresh.

Extremely high quality furniture and fittings as well as attention to detail when fitting really shows in the finished room.
Stamp’s Interior Finishes
Stamp’s Interior Finishes
Just wanted to say a thank you for those that have already donated! 🥰

And just a reminder for those that have not, any contribution is welcomed.....

Now December has finally arrived I would normally begin arranging to give cards and some gifts to my regular customers and friends.

This year due to the COVID-19 restrictions I’ve decided to set up this page where donations will go directly to help children in our local area.

I would also normally attend Cash 4 Kids events during the year but of course this year this has not happened either which was another reason for setting up this page.

I know that you’ll all miss kissing me under the mistletoe but you will just have to have double next year.

Please take the time to give as little or as much as you can.

Thank you.

Stamp’s Interior Finishes
Stamp’s Interior Finishes
Fantastic cause to donate to, an event we usually attend twice a year, but this year are unable to 😔 To all our friends and family, please donate what you can spare, it would be great to meet our target and help out. Please also share our post further 🤞🤞🤞